Trying to decide between cheap BG and a luthier-made one.

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  1. I've decided to sell my guitar and get a second bass, a beater one to carry everywhere without being much worried about damages or loss. My budget is very limited, and today I come across a custom made by some local luthier. By the looks the BG seems to be alright, although I'm curious about the trusrod -I see none on that headstock, do you? I told the seller next Tuesday I'm going to go check it and decide. Guy said it's "playing correctly and it is nice". I'm about to let go $100 for it (half the price of a used Squier, which is my other option).

    So I'm going to see, feel, & hear what this thing plays like in a couple of days. I never cared about any custom luthier-made basses before, but for the looks & money I happen to be curious about this one. I just wonder if there is anything you can comment about this bass just by checking the pictures here. I'm sure the more opinions the better! :D

    You all have a fantastic week! ;)

    luthier bass.jpg
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    It has the skunk stripe for a truss rod. It might be one of the older style ones where you have to take the neck completely off to access it.

    Edit: that might just be a hippie sandwich kind of neck, not a skunk stripe- sorry. The picture is blurry so it’s hard to tell.
  3. Thanks. That's Just what I thought.

    Couldn't get better pictures, unfortunately. By now I am thinking if it does have nice action I might get it. After all, one can always find better pickups later.
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    Impossible to tell. Could be a diamond in the rough, could be a dog.
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  5. I understand. If you were to check it, what would you place your attention to?
    I plan to check the action, neck, tuning pegs, and see (hear) if there's any noises. Anything I am missing?
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    If I already had a bass and just wanted an extra AND I lived in Chile, I would hit eBay for international shippers, buy a loaded body and neck, put her together and call it a day. I would not buy a 100 dollar bass just so I could have another bass.
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  7. 100 bucks would not cover the customs bill for receiving a guitar from abroad. My cousin got a guitar from China last November and paid only $88 for customs alone :(

    If not for that I would have got me some nice BC Rich or some Japanese bass...

    Anyway, I'm going to go check the bass tomorrow and see if it works for me. Will let you all know what it is like.

    Thanks for the help and ideas! :thumbsup:
  8. Seller refused to take my call to go pick up the bass last Tuesday. Not an Idea about the reason, but after trying to call the guy four times on Monday (as previously agreed), I gave it all up and had to turn to something else. And as plan B I got a fantastic P-bass copy from S101 guitars with fresh strings on which I've spent nice five hours working on today (I'm having a week off:)).

    I'm blown by the quality & sound of the instrument! Okay, certainly no Alembic quality here, but I had an Squier Affinity P-bass for thirteen years (bought it in 1999), and I must say the S101 sounds far better with the stock Belcat pickups and is very well built. Rarely $45 bucks kicked *ss as much as they did this morning! :D

    I'll do some review for the S101 later on a specific thread.

    You all have a good Thursday!
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    I'm glad you found an inexpensive bass you like! :thumbsup:
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    Looks like a cheapo bass neck from the 80s on a school woodshop made body. I wouldn't buy that thing.