trying to find more information an end of semester "women's studies" project

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  1. Hey guys, i've been working on this group project for a while on women in music.....aside from digging up lyrics and trying to find some general documentation of women being discriminated, I'm finding myself running dry for good ideas on this presentation. We're basically also trying to encourage some more feminism on music (this is a presentation for a women's studies class).

    So far I have information on classical music origins with women's involvement as far as early Rome being of a tolerated, fetishized standard (although in poetry for those times only), and how today we still fetishize women in music and women tolerate it because that's the only way they will go without being dismissed completely. We've also got material on pop-stars and mental breakdowns (AKA BRITNEY SPEARS), as well as discriminant lyrics in rap music, and overall just about every music (I can't find anything that mainstream in metal that can really be quoted however). I'm also trying to produce some results on how the overall negative influence towards women in music degrades them to the point that they choose most of the time to not involve themselves in music, and if they do today, mostly it is strictly in a choir format.

    So if you guys know anything that's quotable involving anti-feminist music, degrading of women, etc, it'd be extremely helpful to me. If I'm missing anything, please let me know.
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    I don't think that only females are being "arranged" in e.g. music. Goes for males as well. I rather think that roughly anything that returns cash is accepted by music industry - but not necessarily by me, though.
  3. ? yea, but there are origins. Just like with racism. We're just trying to make people understand particularly that current discrimination in anything music related has been rooted to whatever time art began existing. A hundred years ago we only allowed "semi-professionalism" with creative women by playing their music in almost no other places than Salons. Clara Schumann was one of the very choice few who ever made it in the 19th century and that was only because she took care of Robert!

    a thousand years it was hildegarde of bingen, and only because she was a head nun was she ever supported in anythig she did
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    ....anything that's quotable involving anti-feminist music, degrading of women, etc....

    I think you'll find this interesting and relevent to your topic, and it contains a wealth of quotable material and topics for discussion.

    This is a transcript of NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross interview of Gene Simmons of KISS Originally broadcast on February 4th, 2002.

    It's a great read, but it's even more fun to hear the audio. :cool:
  5. Thank you much. I look forward to reading it. I'm trying to avoid having to go to using cannibal corpse/other porno grind bands that will just turn people off through sound alone
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    and another flaw with using CC and other " Brutal Death Metal " bands is that they target pretty much anyone. They target men, women, children, the elderly, the dead, etc. To say they have sexist music would be untrue. They may say negative things about the other sex, but they say the same for their own gender, and quite a few of the people they ' kill ' or ' torture ' don't necessarily have a sex.

    So +1 for not using them as an example.

    You might want to try some glam metal and glam rock for women being portrayed negatively in heavier music.
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    The only kind of music that I listen to where women are sometimes portrayed negatively ... apparently ... is some of the music with roots in the blues from the cities, e.g.: Mistreated or Five Long Years.

    But listen to them again and experience that deep down these songs though symbolism actually tell a very different story.
  8. yea, but i mean, a lot of CC's early content involved crap like ****ed with a knife; it could only indicate women as the targets. I hear Gwar is big on this too. We've got a whole dvd on how glam metal uses models frequently in their music videos...that Kiss Gene Simmons stuff was good comment too....I mean, this music was in the height of the groupie era. I know Marilyn Manson also has a few things to say through his lyrics about women.