Trying to identify pickup from Fender Precision Duff Mckagan

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  1. Gabriel Simões

    Gabriel Simões

    Dec 17, 2005

    I´d like to ask your help in supporting me to identify a fender precision pickup model.

    There is a pickup available for sale and the seller states it was part of his Duff Mckagan bass made in Mexico.

    Based on info I found on the net, usually the P pickup in that bass is the same as in roadworns and classic 50's but this one specifically has bevelled pole pieces so I though this may be one of those basses people comment from time to time that came from Mexico with Fender Original Pickups.
    I can´t see any serial numbers in the back of the pickup...
    How can I confirm which model it is? Resistance seems to be around 11K

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