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Trying to sound like Bootsy in 93

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bosniern12, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. bosniern12


    Oct 30, 2018
    Fellow TBers, I am on the hunt for some pedals and I need your expertise

    The sound that I am trying to imitate is the one in this clip, from 00:00 to 00:50

    What effects is he using? An envelope filter with a delay? I am not expecting you to give me the names of the pedals, just the effects. However, if you have a clue please do let me know

    Much appreciated
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  2. EHX Bass Micro Synthesizer and Delay pedal and a trusty talented roadie! The last part is a distortion into a Flanger.

    Remember he had 3 separate signal paths out of that star bass each with it's own effects chain, amp and speaker stack.
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  3. bosniern12


    Oct 30, 2018
    Say the EHX XO Deluxe Memory Man? No roadie, straight into my Audient ID4.

    Unfortunetaly, my DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Pups will never sound the same as his maxed out funking space bass :banghead:
    I will be happy trying to though, Cheers!

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