Tube Amp Repair

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  1. Does anyone have a good suggestion as to who I may be able to send my tube amp too.. to have it repaired.. I am in East Tenn.. so I would like to send it to someone that not really all that far from here.. any help would be greatly appreciated..

  2. thedoctor


    Jun 20, 2005
    I am on the oposite side of Tenn. as you, just north of Paducah. What kind of amp and what is your complaint?
  3. Get in touch with PsychoBassGuy, he's in Knoxville I believe.

    What's wrong?
  4. The GZ34 fires up and nothing else..
  5. PM sent to the doctor..
  6. Nashville Bill.. did a search for that screen name.. no results.. I am in the Tri-Cities area..

  7. Oops, he puts spaces between the names

    Psycho Bass Guy

    In the members list, under P, somewhere about page 58 or 60....