Tube amps and Schroder cabs

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  1. thumbman

    thumbman Love that low end

    Nov 2, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hey guys

    I was thinking of going back to all tube
    Does anyone have any thoughts on the marshall VBA 400 the Fender/Sun bassman 300/300t the mesa 400+ the Ampeg SVT....ANYTHING, i want your thoughts please.

    Question relating to tube heads...i was told buy a guitarist that because tube amps were origianly built with no master, they are made to be driven (JCM ect) so its better to turn the master all the way up and use the gain to control output...any advice?

    Also, i wanted to go to schroder cabs, but tell me, if anyone is using a big huge tube head with a schroder, does it look weird because the cab is thinner than the head?

    Any response would rock
  2. el_Kabong

    el_Kabong Guest

    Jul 11, 2005
    I've got an svt classic thru an epifani 410ul. I haven't used a schroe (1212 on order) but they appear to be an efficient cab like the epi. I agree with the advice about running the master on 10. For me it works because it gives the cleanest, punchiest sound. If you're looking for dirt it may not suit you. For the same reason I like an efficient cab, it lets you keep the great tube clean sound at a higher volume. When a tube amp starts to let go at high volume, a quality cab like the epi (or the schroe I imagine) will really let you know. But for me a big tube amp run conservatively into a quality, efficient cab is the way to go (till I have to move it or it breaks!).
  3. Welcome to TalkBass!

    I made Jorg's website so I'm not allowed to speak openly about my thoughts on my Schroeder cabinets... (I run a combo of my 3 Schroeders with an all tube head)

    But I DO NOT work for Peavey in any way shape or form so I can type some stuff about my big tube head :bassist:

    If a guitarist wants power tube distortion... with master volume or not... he needs to get to the magic spot that the threshold of power tube break up is to get *that* tone.

    As for me as a bassist, I want rich, lush, thick, warm tone that tubes are famous for. Mine sounds as good on 1 as it does on 6... most other bassists have chimed in with the same thought on tone vs. volume. (except Sean, but he uses a killer power tube distortion tone :) ).

    FYI: my tube head is a 100lbs with 8x KT88 in it... similar to the VBA with it's 30% more power tubes than the 300T & SVT. The mesa 400+ isn't a 400+ watt head, though it is plenty loud for just about any uses... they just got creatively confusing with the marketing ;)

    Many people go crazy for a tube head into a sealed cab (Classic SVT + Fridge). I prefer a ported cab with 12" drivers (tube driven or otherwise)

    Oh and I dig the look of my little stack... but that is really not important in the quest for your perfect tone :smug:

    good luck on your search!
  4. thumbman

    thumbman Love that low end

    Nov 2, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    Does the Tubes+Ports ever get overbearing...boomy.

    I used to run a V8 into a 410 hlf and if i wasnt carful it would boom so much i could drown things out in boom and mud rather than clean bass...

    Can anyone comment on the difference between the ampeg svt cl and the svt 2??(other than the obvious rack mountable)
    tonal differences...

    if anyone else has small rundowns on their tube heads or tube heads they have used i would love it...btw thanks the guys that allready have :)

    Another thing i would really like is people tell me the cons of the different heads. When you check reviews/ask a sales clerk they only tell you the good points. I want the other side of the sotry as well...

    Cheers guys :D :bassist:
  5. Biker4Him

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    Apr 4, 2003
    Yukon, OK. USA
    I'm running my Trace Elliot V6 into Schroeder cabs. I've got a mini12, a 1210, and a 1212. I personally LOVE the V6 into the 1210, 1212 stack.
  6. BurningSkies

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    Feb 20, 2005
    Syracuse NY
    Endorsing artist: Dingwall Guitars
    I run a 400+ and a 1212...and it doesn't look funny at all. It's an amazing rig. I push lots of low end, and the 1212 can take it, but it's also tight sounding so it never gets flabby. Its also as loud as a mofo.

    I just played my second show of the the lovely Stanley Theater in Utica know, one of those gilded movie palaces from the bygone age and I walked out thinking "MAN I'VE GOT THE PERFECT SETUP".

    Everyone in my band loves it too.
  7. The 0x

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    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD

    (see link in sig for clips)
  8. el_Kabong

    el_Kabong Guest

    Jul 11, 2005
    I had a 410hlf before the 410ul and my experience was similar to yours. I always had it up on a crate to keep the boom under control. The epifani (and most likely the schoe's too) are in a different class altogether, clear punchy and fat. Sounds great sitting directly on the floor. I never used to think badly of my 410hlf but in comparison it was boomy and mushy.

    I've only tried the svt2 pro (never tried the non pro) briefly in a shop but my impression of it was that it was not as clean sounding as the much simpler classic. The svt-cl is bog basic, even the di is post everything and non-switchable. But it does sound good. I find the eq a little limited at times. With only 3 bands sometimes you want to adjust both the low mids and the high mids and you can choose only one. I use a boss eq20 for a bit more flexibilty, I'm pretty happy with that solution. Oh yeah, I also steered away from the on board graphic on the 2pro as the graphic on my svt3pro was pretty awful. Just had to put it in circuit (no boost/cut) and you could hear the nasty scratchy ss highs. Didn't actually give it a workout on the 2pro tho.

    One reason I went with an epifani rather than a schroeder is that the svt-cl can be pretty fat in the low mids. I didn't have the opportunity to try both cabs but thought that the much talked about low mid bump in the shroes might be too much in combination. That said, I've also got a 1212 on it's way for something different (that I can return if it's not my thing). My only other observation would be that with a high quality, efficient, 'modern' style of cab an svt is not limited to the stereotypical 'warm' or 'gritty' ('muddy' gets used fairly often) tube sounds . Up to a point they can be very clean and bright while maintaining that tubey width and scale to the sound.
  9. Pickebass

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    Jul 12, 2004
    San Antonio, TX
    The biggest issue you run up against with a tube head is not enough "power". Since most tube heads are 400 watts and below, and most cabs are designed to handle more power, an ineffcient cabinet might distort or not make the best partner for your cab. Also IMHO, high powered speakers seem to prefer a solid state amp which tends have a quicker response.

    For example, I have a berg 310 and an Ag 680/728. All pieces are exceptional at what they do, but together leaves me wanting more. The Berg seems to prefer solid state amps with more power. With the same cab I can use my AG500 and it sounds great. For a tube amp you really need an effiecient speaker. On the other hand, I can use my all tube aggie stuff with an GS410 or Eden 410XLT and it sounds great!!
  10. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    I use a V8 through a Schroeder. Don't let the lower watt rating fool you. This thing is no where near distortion (in a bad way) and if it's a big tube amp, it will EASILY power the Schroeder.
    My V8 has a real quick response, and I really notice no 'lag'. It's quicker than the Mesa hybrids for sure.

    IMO, you'll have no trouble with a tube amp and schroeder :) In fact, they sound awesome together.