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tube amps

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by antonyhequet, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. I have been considering a tube power amp after running my sound (the bass side of my chapman stick) directly from SWR interstellar Overdrive preamp to the PA or monitors.

    My first choice woud be an Aguilar DB359 but I am also looking at VHT 252 or 292 stereo amp. Any other good tube amps out there, or recommendatiosn regarding the above amps?

  2. Lockout


    Dec 24, 2002
    Are you looking for a tube power amp or a tube head? The Aguilar DB359 is an all tube head, the DB728 is their tube power amp. I just bought a DB728, so I'll let you know what I think of it when it comes.
  3. I just passed on a 728 which went for $1000 on ebay. I wa hesitating because if the weight. i would prefer an amp as I am very happy with my Insterstellar Overdrive. The 728 is a bit heavy and bulky for me nad I am not sure that I would need all that 400 watts? That's why I am considering the DB359 or maybe a VHT stereo tube amp. Do you know which of the 252 (2x50watts class A and B) with EL34 tubes ot 292 (2x 90 watts, class B KT88 tubes) might be best suite for bass. These are guitar amps but they should work for bass as well. i know some bass players use them.

  4. there is a Mesa Boogie m Pulse 600 on ebay. What do you think of those?

  5. Lockout


    Dec 24, 2002

    <-----Guess who won that auction?

    As for your question about the VHT amps, I'm not sure...I don't have any experience with them. :(
  6. hope you di by that m Pulse

  7. thiessen3.14


    Nov 22, 2002
    wichita, ks
    well, this is a dilemma. i have the db359 and think it's the best sounding amp ever. just amazing clarity with punch and warmth--brightness without harshness--and a fast bottom end that i have found to be unparalleled. it's still heavy--but worth every pound. i've had no reliability problems. it's also quite versatile. don't let the simple looks (good ones i might add) fool you--a little nudge on an eq knob makes for a big difference. top rate quality--i could just go on and on. as to the vht. i own a vht pittbull guitar combo and think it sounds great. i bought the amp from an endorsee (pedal steel player) for vht, and he couldn't say enough good things about them. my buddy, however, bought an older, used vht combo, and has had basically no response from stevie at vht after repeated emails and phone calls. now, each side of the two-ninety-two is about half the power of the db359. it's power comes from 2 kt-88's on each side (stereo amp--interchangeable with 6550's--the same power tubes as db359). therefore, i'd guess it's about the same power (using both channels), as the db359 has 4 6550's. i'm sure it's a fantastic ~200 watt tube power amp--if you want a separate 200 watt tube power section, i can't think of a better choice. if you go with the 2-90-2, let me know how you like it. as to the two-fifty-two, it's a great amp also, but is only 50w per side, and uses el34 tubes--nice clear sounding power; i just don't know if they can pack the same bottom end punch. happy shopping.
  8. That DB 359 must be avery nice piece of gear. Wish I saw one on ebay at a decent price. Sorry I let that 728 go bye bye.
    I will let you know what I think if I do go with the VHT 292.
    I'm off to Paris very early tomorrow morning. more soon.