tube gain stage in frontof preamp or in the fx loop?

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  1. lovepump69


    Dec 14, 2004
    springfield MO
    i have an ashdown mag 2-10 300watt and i was wanting to add some tube warmth to the sound and was wondering if i should put it before my preamp or in the effects loop? i was thinking before it would kind of defeat the purpose because it would just get colored by my preamp...? oh i am thinking of getting the presonus tube mic preamp.
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    Nov 10, 2002
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    i'm not familiar with the presonus unit.

    i will warn against "toys with toobz" which is a catch all phrase for lots of gizmos that incorporate a token 12ax7 tube, but upon closer inspection, the tube has very little to do with the actual circuit and isnt used in a way that takes full advantage of the tube.

    for the record, i'm not saying the presonus is or isnt one of these, i dunno.

    the other thing to consider, is that the warmth you're after may not have anything to do with using a tube or not, but instead may have to do with different audio circuits. i have heard planty of tube preamps, compressors, and eq's which i woudl call sterile and chilly, and planty of solid state units which sounded warm, organic, and colored.
  3. I run my tube preamp before my actually bass amp. But, you could try it through the loop, too. If it's before the amp, only your bass will be affecting the tube's output. If it's in the loop, you're amps EQing will affect the tubes output. Both may yield different results, so pick which ever method work better for you.