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Tube heads?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bas_anton, May 22, 2004.

  1. A couple of days ago, I tried a Fender 300 tube amp. And what can I say: IT WAS A VERY NICE EXPERIENCE :D
    I loved the tone coming out of that amp. I have also tried a SVT. It didn´t sound as good as the Fender head but I tried the SVT with a pretty bad sounding bass.

    I have read about different tube heads here on Talkbass and on other places on Internet. Everybody says: This amp is awesome!!!
    Here´s the question. Can you tell me about the differences between the most common tubeheads?
    SVT, Fender 300 and Mesa boogie 400+ are the amps I have heard most about. Feel free compare them to other tubeamps.
  2. Im running the last generation Trace V4, its great. I believe valves are the way forward!
  3. Do you have a pic of that Trace? I have never seen one of those. Can you compare it to other tube heads?
  4. I don't have specific info on the amps you list above (although I do play a '74 svt), but I will advise you to purchase a vintage tube amp if you are going to. Modern tube amps (and especially solid-st**e) are of very low quality, especially brands like ampeg and mesa. I have been very pleased with old Traynor yba-1's and of course any older svt I've played.
    I recently owned the newer svt classic (the anniversary model to be exact) and it was BOGUS! Bad tone and about 1/4 the power of my '74. I kept it for all of about 1 week and of course a week after I had sold it on ebay something happened that caused it to just keep shutting down, it turned out to be very faulty wiring, the new owner was not happy! Also I owned the svp-pro preamp about a year ago and saw the same shoddy solders. My tech had to remove the board from it completely and fix some disgusting looking cold solders.

    Many will disagree, but todays products are all good marketing if you ask me and 99% of techs.
  5. Anton, tar detta på engelska annars lär man bli hängd här...

    I've had an SVT Classic but now replaced it with a vintage Ampeg (V4B) because it was such a crappy build! The construction of the amp doesn't seem to be made for the strain that it's put through when playing it...

    The sound of the SVT was good, although I feel I get quite the same growl from my V4B though it's only 100W! If you find one of those at a good price I suggets you try it out. Not the newer V4BH but the older ones, silver front.

    The 400+ is in the same class as the SVT but they seem to be better quality builds. The Fender, used to be called Sunn, are also godd but seem to suffer slightly the same problems as the SVT as far as build quality goes. To much "stuff" in it I say. If you're gonna go tubes, I suggest you go simple at first to decide if you like the sound. A vintage Ampeg, a Bassman head (Fender) or something similar. Mesa builds a head called Buster that is a stripped down bass tube amp - looks awsome but I've never tried it.

    Any questions feel free to PM me or send an e-mail! På svenska då såklart!
  6. Bas Anton.

    Have no pic sorry mate but follow this link and its the same model www.pro-music-news.com/ html/03/d10625tr.htm

    The amp is great, have a look on the thread intitled First Trace V-type, me and oddio have conversed at reasonable length about it. Its a really good amp, plenty of power, punchy it looks as cool as they come. The only other amp that comes close (although a little different) is an SVT-CL, they have a little more grunt, but about the same kind of output levels volume wise. The Trace is a little more flexible having both a valved based compressor and an overdrive facility. There isnt many of them around but they are damn good.
  7. Fealach

    Fealach Guest

    Apr 23, 2003
    Gone to a better place
    Have a Mesa 400+, bought new in 92. Other than changing tubes, it has only needed a power switch, easily changed myself. It is the louder than loud. And louder than that. To my ears, the tone knobs have the effect of flavoring the basic tone, not dramatically altering it, but the volume knobs pull for bright, and the treble knob pulls to change the frequency affected by that knob, these have a greater effect. The graphic EQ will get you more drastic changes in tone. For me, it's still the ultimate rock bass head. Strong in the low-mids, not too bright. Have seen a new one recently in a store, and moving one slider on its graphic made them all move a bit as if the board was loose inside, and the knobs didn't have the same feel to them. Could've been a fluke unit, but I wouldn't buy one sight unseen, better to stick to older ones you could try out first. Just retubed mine w/JJ's from Eurotubes, now it is practically silent.

    Also have a Peavey Classic 400, not on your list but if you can find them, cheaper than those on your list. When I bought mine, several power tubes were dead, just retubed it and it is a beast, it will take a beefy cab to handle it. Somehow still seems not as loud as the Boogie, but it is felt more, like it has less horsepower but more torque if that makes any sense. 2 channels, clean and distortion. Distortion is a litle over the top in a fun way, sounds more modern than vintage type. Doesn't sound as middly as the Boogie. Has a plethora of switches, bass/treb cut/boost, channel switching/combining, mid freq. selector,DDT (some sort of limiter, not that great, seems to kick in rather harshly squashing the sound).

    Unfortunately, you could buy a Behringer for what it cost to retube either one of these.