Tube Pre’s: Noble vs Jule vs Arkham Zephyr

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  1. rictrose

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    Mar 28, 2011
    Melbourne, Australia
    has anyone had the chance to compare these tube preamps? I’m particularly interested in the Arkham as it seems to be based off the Ampeg sound. I know that all three of these tube preamps can also be purchased with a class d power amp in a single enclosure. Anyone with real world experience able to list the differences in tone? How tubey can the Arkham get in comparison to the Jule?
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  2. J.Wolf

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    Apr 29, 2003
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    Havent played the Noble, so i cant comment directly, other than to say the clips I've heard sound good. But I've reviewed the Jule and the Arkham, and have played both a fair amount. My quick&dirty is that the Arkham is firmer, whereas Monique has a very pleasing squishiness to it that some people love, but I had a hard time getting the articulation I needed out of it. And I also thought it didnt offer quite enough high end for my tastes. That said, its really lovely and compelling. The Arkham is tighter/firmer down low, and has a lot more high end on tap. I settled on the Arkham stuff and am really happy with it. But I think they're different enough that if you want a squishier more bouncy vintage sound with a really pleasing envelope, the monique is lovely, and if you want a firmer, more taut yet really full sound with more leading edge impact, the Arkham is fantastic. YMMV (and I'm sure it may) :)