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Tube store

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Franky, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. Hi guys,

    I play on a SWR sm400s and I always had problem to get a warm sound with this amp. I red on TB forums that the 12ax7 Groovetube sound bad in this amp and swapping the tube for a 5751 model will probably warm up the tone. I want to try this but I live in Quebec city Canada and I can't find this tube in any music or electronic store. Is there someone who know where I can find it in Canada?

    Thanks a lot!

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    I live in Ontario. You may want to try the Tube Store. They are at www.tubestore.com
    They are located in Hamilton, Ontario. I have purchased tubes from them before.

    I used to have a SWR Baby Blue II, and I swapped the GT with a Sylvania Jan 5751, and it really enhanced the tone. It is a really sweet sounding tube. Better lows, and nice highs. Try Ebay, they usually pop up from time to time.
  3. Thank you very much Ajbassking,

    I'm gonna contact tube store right away!
    I'm happy to see that this kind of tube enhanced your tone. This little change will cost less money than a new amp...

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    The Tube Store has Jan GE 5751's which are great sounding tubes. I would also recomend the Sovtek 12AX7WB(make sure it's WB). They offer a really flat response, and really warm up the tone.
  5. Get 'em on eBay - I just bought 6 of the famed "Sylvania 5751 black-plates" there, for my SM-400S.

    I LOVE the sound!
  6. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    i'm sure of the amp,

    but a 5751 usually adds a nice presence ontop for more trebs. but its funny how i've seen some SWR guys say the opposite with these tubes. it seems to add a nice sweetness to the SWR tone. whether or not its warmer, that's up to you.

    i like AJ's suggestions. the Jan GE's are a great audiophile tube that has lots of complexity and wide sound stage, but in my Demeter, its mids seem really sucked out to me. so you might be crankin' the mids with it installed. yet, with that sucked out feel, i can see how that could be perceived as warmer since there's an audible boost of the trebs and especially the bass.

    never tried the Sovteks, cause for a wee bit more, i like a nice set of NOS JAN PHilips. about as cheap as an EH 12AX7, but very very nice for the bucks or whatever you Canadians use up there... ;) good sweet, yet tough sounding mids tone. great middleroad tube for slap and fingerfunk.

    and i love www.tubestore.com. good prices, easy to use site, and very well maintained.

    also, i tend to shy away from ebay only cause, unless you know what you're looking for, it can be a gamble. tubes can literally look all the same. but, if you do, as always, just make sure they guy selling has more than 25 positives, and is reputable in the feedbacks.
  7. I finally ordered the Ge 5751 at the Tube store. I will post my comments on this tube and how it sound in my amp. Thanks for the other suggestions!
  8. Sufenta

    Sufenta Trudging The Happy Road of Destiny

    Mar 14, 2002
    The Signpost Up Ahead.
    Hey Franky-
    Just curious to hear if you have that pre-amp tube yet for your SM400s yet. I'm looking to switch my original out. Looking forward to hearing your comments.
  9. Hi guys,

    Sorry for the delay, I’ve been extremely busy for the past 2 weeks but last night I’ve made the test for the tube in my SWR sm400s. To my ear, I can say that the JAN 5751 made a difference in the sound of my amp but not a huge difference like others said. I have more bass and more round top. The main difference is in the midrange section. I’ve always had problems to find a good midrange sound with this amp and the tube gave me a warmer mids sound. If you want to change your sound with this type of tube, depending of the brand of your amp, it probably do well or worst. In fact, I know now that my SWR is a very good amp, but I’ll never get a very warm sound with it.
  10. iammr2


    Jun 10, 2002
    Hi Franky,

    I tried a GT7025 in my SM400 and found that it tightened and smoothed the bass. Seems a bit more punchy and solid. Wanted to find an ECC83, but none were to be found. Also the 7025 is carried at most stores so it's easy to find if you need one in a pinch. YMMV of course.
  11. Chuck M

    Chuck M Supporting Member

    May 2, 2000
    San Antonio, Texas
    The best sounding tubes that I've found for SWR preamps is 1950's RCA 12AX7 blackplates. They really do give a much warmer tone and still have beautiful clarity. My second choice is the RCA 7025 which sounds almost as good.

    I have quite a few tubes in my stash and have tried several varieties of 5751's. None of them have sounded as good as 12AX7/7025's IMO. By the way, ECC83 is simply the European nomenclature for the 12AX7.

    If any of you are having trouble finding tubes, I have a pretty good stock of NOS and excellent tested used tubes right now.


  12. Sprinkler

    Sprinkler [account disabled]

    Jul 31, 2002
    In my local store, i say a rackunit that had 6 or 8 different tubes, all seperatly adjustable with valves, to warm up your tone. It was about 300€...

    JJBACOOMBA Commercial User

    May 31, 2005
    San Antonio, Texas
    Lecompte Bass Owners Club Member #2
    I have gone to several sites for info on tubes and they all are very imformative. But I still am not sure which tube to use. I have the sm400s and it has the GT-12AX7A tube in it.I want to choose a tube that is the same and not lose any gain.I dont want to replace it with something that may damage the amp.I love the way my amp sounds now. I just tweak in the eq and Im set. Thanks for your help guys and gals!! Joe
  14. karrot-x

    karrot-x Banned

    Feb 21, 2004
    Omicron Persei 8
    You could also try douges tubes, he has great service. tombowlus and i have ordered from him.
  15. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    North central Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    Holy old thread revivals, Batman!!! :eek:

    But as long as we're on the topic, I really do like dealing with Doug Preston. And if you e-mail him personally, then he just may tell you about some really good NOS tubes that may not have made it to his website (hint, hint!).

    Tell him I sent ya! ;)

    That said, if you spend a bit more time searching through the archives, you can probably find a wealth of information (and a wide variety of opinions!) on tube choices and whom to buy them from.

  16. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile
    I like dealing with Christian @ http://www.tubedepot.com nice guy, wealth of know-how... can't wait for a reason to give him more of my money ;)

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