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Tube warmth/gain in an iAmp800?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ehiunno, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. ive heard a lot of good things about this amp, but i often get the impresion that it is impossible to get a lot(not a ton) of gain and mids when going for that old-school jaco type tone. ive heard a couple people say that gain knob doesnt realy do much, but ive heard other people say that the amp is extremely warm and versitle so im kind of lost. is this tone possible out of an iAmp?

    the reason im asking this is because that is the tone im going for, but i like to be able to dial in a slightly more modern sound when necesary and the Mpulse i played was extremely difficult to change quickly when going from these 2(very different) styles, even though i loved the tone out of it.
  2. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    jaco? i'd say so.

    warmth, yea.

    its all in the EQ, which many guys havent quite cracked yet. but if you spend the time, you'd be VERY surprised at the fun sounds you can pull out of it.
  3. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    The manual that comes with the iAMP makes it very plain that the gain knob doesn't work the same way as the gain knob on most other amps. It is simply an 'input sensitivity' control, and is not intended to add crunch, drive or sustain to the tone.
  4. This is just my .02.....

    If that is the sound you are after try a Thunderfunk TFB-550....it is an IMPROVED version of the AMP used by Mr. Pastorius.....I personally can not recommend them enough and Dave Funk is a great guy to boot!!!!! :hyper: :D


  5. GRoberts

    GRoberts Supporting Member

    Jan 7, 2003
    Tucson, AZ USA
    I am going to find out for myself SOOON Tom. (Thanks for your input and the incredible Thunderfunk/Accugroove thread) I'm getting the TF550 with switch. I'll give it a good run down through my Bergantino HT322 and also through my new Mini-Berg HT/EX 112 stack. I was tempted to try EA, but decided I'd go Thunderfunk first since that was my first instinct. I too love to get phat, juicy Jaco tones. Can't play like the master, but I can sure cop some of those sounds here and there! Gary
  6. Although he used the AMP-420 at the end of his career, most of the time he was using an Acoustic 360, not that his sound was much different with either amp. Im sure the TF sounds amazing and i have been highly considering it, and that timbre knob would allow me to change quickly from tone to tone for what i need :)

    too bad theres not a TF dealer within 4 hours of my house, or an EA dealer either, :bawl: not to mention anygood cabs to play them through other than the Alpha in VABeach(bergantino). High end retailers are few and far between arownd here, when i do decide itsmost likely going to have to be made off of sound clips and reviews, aka a huuuuge leap of faith... which is never necessarily smart
  7. I'd say you definately want to look at something else for that kind of tone. You may be able to use a sansamp or some other kind of preamp to get the tone you're looking for though. That way you could have both tones.
  8. something else as in not the iAmp or not the TF? i had a long PM discussion with a rather prominent member who owns just about everything ever made and he said that i may like the EA. i think i should probably go for something thats more of a sure thing(TF) than take a gamble on the EA.

    you mean the sansamp BDDI? i looked at those but im not a huge fan of stomp-box preamps, just my personal preferance

    what would you recomend?
  9. Kael


    Dec 26, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    Ok, let me preface this by stating that I neither own an iAMP nor have I played on one. I went to euphonicaudio.com to look at their EQ recommendations because this made me curious. Below is cut and pasted from their website.

    Here is another example for all those “Jacophiles” out there. This setting gives you that great mid-range growl and beautiful ringing harmonics.

    Control Frequency Rotary Setting “Q”
    LO N/A 0 N/A
    LO-MID 640 +10 ½ octave
    HI-MID 2k +7 1 octave
    HI 4k +2 N/A

  10. i never saw this on the EA site, but i did when i went there and looked all over for it. thanks

    any other opinions, experiances, ideas?
  11. I mean something other than the iAmp, I've never played a TF. If you're looking for a lot of midrange growl I think the EA could work for you but if you're looking for the tone he got on a lot of recordings, especially live stuff.... i.e. VERY wooly and sometimes overdriven, I don't think you'll be satisfied with what the EA offers out of the box. It's a very clean hi-fi sounding amp.

    Also... since the EA is such a transparent amp that makes your choice of bass even more important. If you're going for the jaco tone you're probably already playing a j-bass but just thought I'd throw that in there for other people looking at the thread.

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