Tubes for Sale

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  1. All of these tubes are practically in new condition. Tubes were for Mesa Boogie Bass 400+, just trying to find my sound. Some I have as back up spares.

    Will sell whole lot for $200.00

    Set of 12 Sovtek 5881- Slightly used- $50.00- Approx. 12 hrs. playing time
    Set of 12 Mesa STR-430 6L6GC - Very slightly used $90.00 - Approx. 2 hrs playing time.
    Set of 12 Mesa STR-427 6L6 - 10 used, 2 brand new - $75.00 - Approx. 12 hrs. playing time
    Set of 4 Mesa Russian#2 12AX7-very slightly used - $20.00 - Approx. 2 hrs. playing time. (noisey)
    Set of 4 Mesa ECC83 12AX7 - Brand New - $ 35.00

    FYI: I have the Svetlana 6L6GC and the 12AX7EH as my chosen sound. Very smooth and clean. Brings out the natural sound of my bass.
  2. fwiw I`ve tried all of the
    12ax7 tubes (well a lot anyway)
    including the 12ax7eh that you
    like so much.
    Without a doubt the best 12ax7
    by far is the Ei 12ax7 silverplate!
    This tube is the fattest juicyiest
    sweetest of all. This tube eats
    Mullards for breakfast.
    Ei 12ax7 vs 12ax7eh ?
    compare crashing thunder to a
    sick mosquito
    great for bass and 6 string
    At $6.50 a tube its almost too
    good to be true---but it is true!!!
    Forget NOS save your$$$$
    the Ei 12ax7 - ECC83 chrome plate
    primo numeral uno of all time
    check em out ----- dk
  3. Thanks for the input. What does the EI stand for? I did have the Mesa ECC83 and they are nice but pretty noisey...