Tubeworks / Butler RealTube Rack + Samson Pwr Amp

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    Sep 26, 2001
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    The Preamp: TubeWorks / BK Butler RealTube II. Yes, it's known as a guitar preamp but it works great for EB -- smokin' clean channel on this guy. Original and somewhat sought-after factory 12AX7s. $175.00 shipped USPS.

    The Power Amp: Samson Servo 120a 2 Channel Amplifier. Bridged mode yield 120+ Watts at <0.05% THD+N into 8 Ohms. TONS for guitar, plenty for a monitor or spare in-the-trunk bass rig. And it only weighs 15.4 lbs. $175.00 shipped USPS.

    Gator 2sp 12" plasti-rack, left the house once. $60.00 shipped USPS but I would much rather ship it wrapped around at least one of these units so I might not sell it alone right away.

    THE WHOLE THING: $375.00 shipped USPS. It's waiting for yooooooo . . . .