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  1. I've seen Samash carrying Tune basses.
    Does anyone know about this brand?
    I haven't found a website or anything for them.
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    They seem like another type of brand like Rogue or Brownsville or whatever, ideal if you want "Some random feature" like a fretless or a 6 string or something, but not good enough to be an actual investment, just good enough if you want to try it out to see if it's decent.
  3. That's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure cuz there's no info about 'em anywhere.
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    Sep 28, 2004
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    Do a search on Tune Bass guitar maniac or technology.

    Here are some threads to help you out.




    I own the model that Sam Ash sells and have had it for over a year now. Right now it is my main bass and I love the tone I get from this bass. It is not one of the Japanese Tune's. This is is made in Korea. If you read the threads above that should give you enough info.