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TRADED Tune Technology Price Drop $500

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by fruitlabor, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. fruitlabor

    fruitlabor Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2007
    39C2B02E-3C5A-4D67-8B11-A4131EBEDE83.jpeg 074EF6AE-3319-4F38-92CE-E1E61B83E97B.jpeg View attachment 3399247 92F6C1E0-2F49-4211-8F4F-E89A40203B8C.jpeg 07984854-7234-4294-B87B-8293BBC31E37.jpeg BC7133F2-E1ED-47F1-9C99-5D51F1095739.jpeg 742E32FB-4A99-42CA-A86E-74D602BF8B40.jpeg 5F5D5F9F-0B8A-4E03-9F2D-41CB8FB5F293.jpeg 7B591BEC-9707-4CB1-ABBC-59AEF3DA4AFE.jpeg D42E3A6F-87FA-449D-AD04-9CA1F1E4F198.jpeg 55E16D50-1326-48CF-BE19-1FE972BA7C6C.jpeg B06B309C-A306-43A7-A52C-E604C3963A0B.jpeg View attachment 3398009 View attachment 3398009 I have a really nice Tune 6 string bass that’s in really good shape. All original.Both truss rods work properly. Neck nice and straight. Low action. Plays nicely. Sounds great. The blend pot doesn’t always hit center when in the center. Possible pot cleaner. You have to move it a little. Other than that it looks fairly new. Slight belt hash. Why sell it, I can’t accomplish the 6 string thing. Spacing is 18mm. Very comfortable. Will entertain 4 and 5 string trades.Asking $500 o.b.o.

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