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  1. Hey I am bidding on a Fender RT-1000 rack tuner and like everything except I just noticed he said it tunes to a bass' low G (24.5 Hz). Now am I right to assume that G is the third fret G on the E string, or is that an entire octave down? I am not familar with relating frequencies to notes. I play in a tunning of DGCF so that could be a problem, I would need to be able to tune down to a low D. If it means it wont go that low, will the Korg ones go that low?
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    If it helps I'm pretty sure the open E is around 40Hz.
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    Open E is around 41.5Hz. He's probably referring to the range in which the tuner picks up requencies, so that won't be a problem unless you're playing an absurdly strung ERB.
  4. can you even hear 24.5hz? that seems really low
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    Yes... yes you can.

    Take a listen