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  1. Just got a 92 Fender Jazz. 2 of the Schaller tuners are not working properly. So, I need to replace. What are some fine, yet inexpensive replacements?
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    Please describe how they are not working. We often get questions that result from incorrect string installation and are not related to tuner problems.
  3. When I try to adjust string tension, the key will turn a bit before it engages the worm screw.
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    Are the strings wrapped properly on the tuner? No overlap and top to bottom, no bunching on the bottom. If the tuners are stripped, go here to find a bunch of varying priced alternatives http://www.buzzardsbass.com/parts/tuning-machines.html
    They sell replacement Schaller tuners individually for around $30.
  5. Yeah, there as you describe.
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    FYI, a bit of slack doesn't require replacing tuners. Just make it a practice to tune UP to pitch, so that any slack is taken up. This is a good practice with all tuners on all string instruments.
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    Yes. Always tube UP to the note. Also if they are open frame you can loosen the screw in the center if the big gear and that allows string tension to always keep the gears meshed. That gear "drag' is the direct solution for keeping that type if tuner working smoothly.

    A little bit of play in the gears is normal.
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    if you do need to replace the machines these BOSTON ones are cheap AND good quality View attachment 351221
  9. :bassist:THIS was the problem. Loosened just a touch and all is fine.
    THANKS ONE AND ALL!!!!!:hyper: