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Tuner parts?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by unclebass, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. I have a jazz bass that has a stripped gear on the back of the E string tuner. I think the tuners are MightyMite tuners. The top of the tuning post where the string winds around is completely flat, not domed like most Fenders. Pretty sure they are 11/16 posts. They are 24/1 gear ratio and the gears seem to be real soft. Are there replacement gears available for these tuners? I have a Squier standard jazz bass and the mounting screw spacing seems to be exactly the same as these tuners. Where is the cheapest place to get replacement tuners if these gears aren't available? I would prefer not to drill new holes in headstock, but will if absolutely necessary. Where would be the place to get replacement tuners to fit Squier? Don't mind used, just don't want something worn out.
  2. Hi.

    You may try your local music store, they should have plenty of spare parts in the techs misc. drawer.

    The cheapest decent open gear tuners I've came across have been DrParts, ~20€/set IIRC.

  3. I purchased a set of Squier classic vibe tuners here on TB. They are a much better quality than the tuners that were on it before. I could have used some of the screw holes on the headstock from the tuners before, but then they would have been mounted crooked.
    I have filled all the screw holes in the headstock and refinished. Once the clear is dry, I will drill new holes and mount new tuners. I also filled string tree hole and will remount, since it was slightly off from proper location.