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  1. Hey guys

    I have been getting slowly more and more into playing my fretless (it just seems to be a bit more me) and I've been trying to use my tuer (boss Tu-12) but the response time doesn't really seem quick enough. Can anyone suggest a good (non rackmount) tuner that I can use for this purpose (it'd be really good if it could tune an open B cause my boss one doesn't). Cheers. Keep grooving.

  2. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    Hey, Ben.

    I use an intellitouch tuner. It works really well, and because it attatches to your headstock and works with piezos, it's out of your signal chain and you can tune with your volume turned all the way down. Also, it's backlit, so you can tune it on a dark stage.