Tuners For 16mm Holes?

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  1. Sorry in advance if this has been covered, but I didn't see a similar thread already in existence. Anyhoo, I just bought a used Warmoth neck (smokin' deal....) and just found out that the tuner holes are 16mm instead of 11/16. So......Ultralight's are way out of my current budget, so what are my options? Is there a generic alternative that will fit a 16mm hole, or do I just need to have 'em drilled out another 1.5mm? I really dig the neck, and the price was right, so I'd like to keep it. Thanks all :)
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    USA ultralights have the bigger 17mm hole, whereas the licensed ones will fit into the 16mm opening.
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    There are 2 version of USA Ultralights: 1/2" post which fits 11/16" (18mm) peghead holes and 3/8" post which fits 9/16" (14mm) peghead holes. If they are out if your budget, then you can opt for the licensed version of the Ultralight which also fits 14mm peghead holes. And there are lots of other tuners, among other Gotoh and Wilkinson, which also fit 14mm peghead holes.

    Of course these tuners that fit 14mm peghead holes can be used in 16mm holes.
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    The Gotoh Resolite GB528 style has a 16mm bushing. GB528S | G-GOTOH Ltd.

    If you reamed the holes to 11/16 (about 17.5mm) you could fit a number of aftermarket tuners (Hipshot HB, Gotoh GB640, etc.). Bass Parts Resource: Tuner Parts

    Or you could try ultralight tuners (Hipshot HB6 or Gotoh GB7) which have 9/16 (14.3mm) bushings and wrap them in foil tape so they fit snugly.
  5. I've got several sets of "standard" 11/16" F-clones, and one set of 14mm from an old Electra-Westone. I did a quick ebay search and didn't see any 16mm under $75-ish, so I'll probably just have the current holes drilled out.
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    If you're OK with black finish, I have a set I cal offer up for about half of that ebay price you noted above. Send me a PM if you like.
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  9. ...sooo....new tuners made it in (Thanks Marko, you're a stand-up dude :) ), already had the neck bolted on, nut filed down, everything ready to go and.....


    "New" never drilled or mounted neck, bought used off Evilbay because some idiot tried to do a faux-aged finish and didn't like the looks of it. Not sure what this dude had done, but it appeared that the fingerboard had been removed and then reglued with one thin strip of Elmer's wood glue. Board split during the "explosion" and the trussrod (which had been completely loose) also popped out. Needless to say, I ain't gonna repair it.

    Last neck I got thru Ebay was also junk, bowed beyond use and trussrod maxed out. Needless to say, I'm done with Ebay, period. And back to the drawing board on the Fretless Jazz project. At least I have some spiffy new tuners and string tree.
  10. pics or it didn't happen.
  11. Already in the trash bin, sorry...