Tuners, options?

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  1. Okay. Putting together a 4 string warmoth bass. And now I've got some questions about tuners. The neck I have has 11/16" holes for tuners. But now I'm wondering about what my tuner options are? I'd love to go with a hipshot D-tuner, and make the set matched. But what I'm really wondering about is the ultra-light tuners. I'd like to keep the weight down and balance the bass out. I have very little knowledge about open back style tuners. I know the GB7 Gotoh style won't work. Warmoth has Schaller open backs for $50, which would probably work great...but I'd like to see what my options are. If need be, I can disassemble the hipshot on my carvin and design a similar system for my tuners. I can get stuff fabbed up fast and cheap. Plus I have plenty of good design software. But I'd like to purchase it, and have it done right fast :)

    What my requirements are:

    Drop tuning easily, so a hipshot style tuner.
    Black hardware color.
    As light a weight as possible. I'll probably add a fat finger to tune the bass overall.
    Fender style 11/16" hole.
    As stylish as possible. I like the BT-4S style of tuner heads. The fender deluxe style. Looks less flimsy.

    Any help is way appriciated. Thanks.
  2. Schaller has what you're looking for in black but you know that already, Gotoh makes a nice set of open backs with old style tops but that won't match the hipshot. Fender also makes a black set but they will be hard to find.

    That's about it.
  3. Cool. I'll probably just take apart the one hipshot I have, and design something to work like it for the schaller. Time to do some NC coding!
  4. Hey Tuf, contact me when you complete this project please.