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    Jun 15, 2003
    *In advance I apologize,I realise I am very knew to the bass world and...well....I'm sorry for wasting your time*

    What do tuners exactly do? Do I absolutely should buy one with my bass? What are their price range?
  2. Thank god your new. If you weren't i'd have to track you down and give you a big o'l bitch slap :D.
    You know how standard tuning is EADG, or BEADG, or BEADG, or whatever amount of strings?
    All a tuner does is pickup the exact range/frequency of the note, so that it is exact.
    So like, if you wanted to tune from E to drop D,then you would pick the note on the tuner, and tune down, or up, or whatever, until you get to -3 to 3.
    Hope that helps...
  3. I use a Korg CA 20 chromatic tuner. It's a brilliant little thing that allows you to tune the strings smack on pitch. You can also check the bass' intonation and a whole host of other stuff (should you wish).

    There's only one (very slight) drawback with that particular model: there's no through linking to allow you to keep it in circuit all the time whilst you're playing. It's of no consiquence to me, though.

    They are around in UK for about £15 so I'd guess $15 for you.

    A tuner is probably the most useful thing you'll ever buy.

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    You am absolutely should buying a tuner with your bass. A Boss TU-2 is exactly what you want ... about $50. Playing out of tune will make you suck sooner and harder than anything else.