Tung oil or Warwick wax? (Peavey Cirrus content)

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  1. The back of the neck on my Peavey Cirrus 5 (Walnut/Maple with Wenge top) is getting dry. Portions of the back of the neck look a little "greyer" than the rest. I assume this is where the finish has rubbed off (it appears to have only rubbed off on the Walnut, not the Maple stringers)

    The Peavey Cirrus manual states: "The oil/urethane finish requires a light application of tung oil or natural finishing oil. Light sanding with 0000 steel wool is recommended for finishing. To complete the job, wipe with a dry, soft cloth."

    I am a newbie to tung oil. At first glance there appears to be more than one type of tung oil. What is a good brand to use? Do I apply the tung oil first then sand with 0000 steel wool or vice versa?

    I have a whole tin of Warwick - can I use this?

    If I don't address the dry/rubbed through spots will my neck warp?

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    Sub'd because I have the same bass (but a 6) and it is also getting dry ...
  3. Howard's Feed n Wax.

    Use it on everything. I had a builder once warn not to get it on poly finishes, just wood that needs nourishment.

    Leaves it feeling silky too. And smells good. And is flammable.


    Feb 10, 2016
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    I can just see a flaming bass under the stage lights!:D
  5. Is Howard's FnW as good as (protect the bass from moisture) Tung oil?
  6. From what I can gather, there are two types of tung oil: 100% pure tung oil & tung oil finish. I believe tung oil finish would be more appropriate because it is harder.

    I think that I should apply tung oil finish to the back of the neck and restore it to its original quality BEFORE using wax. It seems to me that most people that use wax are using it on wenge which is much more stable unfinished than walnut & maple.
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