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Tuning (HELP PLZ)

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Diabolic, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Diabolic


    Aug 25, 2005
    ok ive still don’t no how too tune really good am still depending on a tuner (kinda lame) I want too be able too tune by ear what can I do what sound should I be looking for?

    Also someone told me that if i go to the 7th fret on E string (which is B I think) and tune to A i will then be on drop D
    Ok if this is true how can I get too this tuning F C G D which I think is one whole step down from standard tuning

    [​IMG] :hyper: [​IMG]
  2. tiredman9


    Aug 15, 2005
    New York
    I think for the tuning you mean DGCF as in
    E becomes D
    A becomes G
    D becomes C
    G becomes F
    This is one whole step below normal tuning.
    First master tuning EADG by ear. Just try to remember the notes. Then once tuned to EADG (eventually you will be able to skip this step) and go to the 5th fret on the A and try to get that sound on the E. then do this with the D and A strings then G and D. Then simply go to the 5th fret on your C (which is what i called D earlier) and you will get the note F and match this one your G (soon to be F) string.
    Always for tuning by ear remember that your tuning (standard or one whole step down) is in 4ths which you can hear by singing Hear Comes The Bride (cause thats in 4ths too) hope this helps
  3. ... right, if you want to tune non standard, first you need a good understanding of where each note lives on the fretboard. Many players, even relatively experienced ones, have no clue where, say 'F' is on their fretboard. This is pretty bad and I have to admit I was like that for a few years.

    From what I see, you want to tune two semitones flat, right? well, if that was me I'd be messing around with different strings because I find flat tuning a little odd, but that's just me. Anyway, this was taught to me by a metal-freak friend of mine a few years ago

    start with a GDAE tuned bass.

    you want to find a two-semitones down sound, so fret the third fret on the 'd' (second string up). now tune the 'g' so it sounds the same. Your ear will get it, most likely. then repeat the same procedure for each string up to the 'e'.

    now, you'll get to the 'e' string. and you don't have a lower string for that one. luckily, we have harmonics. pick the 5th fret harmonic on the 'a', match the 7th fret harmonic on the 'e' to that.


    now I've got to retune my bass to GDAE, see you later.

    If I've got anything wrong in typing, feel free to correct, I've had a couple of beers this evening...
  4. If you wanna be able to tune by ear better, I suggest you get rid of the tuner and get what I have. It's like a round harmonica, and has the letter of each note on top of it. That way you have to hear the note coming from it and the bass, and you have to know when it matches up instead of a little electric thing telling you. That's what I've been using for a few months and now it takes me all of 30 seconds to tune my bass. Plus it doesn't take batteries and it won't break as easily.