Tuning machine winder peg sizes

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  1. Hey all!

    After taking some time off from the blacked out 2000 Squier Affinity P Bass project, I'm ready to do some more work on it.

    The next thing I'm going to do is get black machine heads. The post (the part that goes through the head stock) measures 9/16" .5625mm and the thrust bearing/bushing measures 11/16" .6875mm.
    Is it safe to assume that a 1/2" peg will fit? Is the measurement actually that close where a 16th of an inch will be unusable?
    I'm going for the Hipshot HB6C-1/2 Bass Tuning Machine Set so the mounting plates shouldn't be an issue.

    Anyone have any experience with something like this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The critical measurement is the diameter of the headstock hole. 11/16 is the correct size for most 1/2" tuners. Don't worry about the size of your present tuners; you're replacing them.
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    You should be fine. From the Hipshot webiste: "The 3/8 diameter version fits basses with a headstock hole size of 9/16 inch. The 1/2 inch diameter version fits basses with a headstock hole size of 11/16 inch."
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  4. Excellent point. I totally over-thought this.
    Thanks for the reply/ heads-ups!
  5. Sweet. I figured I'd be ok but I have been unpleasantly surprised in the past so to be safe I had to ask folks here about it.
    Thanks for the reply!