Tuning machines/pegs for Cirrus USA

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  1. Hi! Yesterday I was at the very beginning of a rehearsal and I broke a tuning machine (D string). It popped and sounded like a breaking string and now I can twist the peg all way around and the rod won't wind the string around it.

    I wish I can get a single tuning machine but so far I haven't found one specific for a Peavey Cirrus in gold finish so I'm afraid that I'll need to buy a set for the 6 strings.

    Do you know a brand/ model that may look pretty similar and able to fit? I'm aware that the bore diameter is a thing to look at. I'm assuming that I should uninstall the current one and measure the wood? or maybe the spec is the thread diameter? I want to get sure that I'll buy the right one.

    Or maybe if you got a fallen Cirrus USA with golden hardware and willing to sell a single tuning machine it would be awesome. Thanks!

    Pic of my rig :D

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  2. Have you tried to find out who made those tuners for Peavey? On a US made bass I'd think it'd be one of the major manufacturers.

    Have you taken the tuner apart to see what went wrong with it?

    Can you provide close-up photos of the tuners? Perhaps someone here can identify them for you.
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    You want Gotoh machine heads, the GB720 to be specific. The GB707 and GB350 will also fit. Allparts carries the GB720 (though they miss categorize it as a GB707.)
    TK-0923 Single Gotoh GB707 Sealed Bass Key
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