Tuning peg is stuck, where do I go from here?

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  1. I was installing new strings on my new bass, and as I was installing the E-string, the key lost resistance and now I can not tune the string any further. The peg does not move at all. I turn the key and it moves, but it will not wind the string in either direction. As I turn the key, it has resistance for half a turn, then little to no resistance for half a turn, and so on.

    The string already has about 3 windings around the peg, so it is loose enough to be floppy, but too tight to remove the string from the tuning peg. The bass is an ESP LTD, and the tuners are closed gear.

    I see that there is a screw attaching the tuner to the bass headstock, another screw on the tuning key, and there is a nut on the tuning peg. Which of these would I need to start at? I would like to remove the tuner without having to cut the string, so I can fix or replace it.
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    Well, the tuner itself is toast; the gears are stripped. You're going to need a new tuner, but you probably already figured that out.

    To get the string off of there, slacken the other strings, then take out the bridge screws. The bridge will pivot around the last screw, slackening the E string enough that you can unwind it from the post without damaging it. Then install the new tuner.
  3. Very interesting! I hadn't thought about that. I actually removed the screw that attached the tuner to the headstock, then loosened the nut. That let me rotate the tuner just enough to remove the string.

    This is a budget bass, but I didn't expect the tuner to go so quickly! I suppose it will happen to the others eventually.
  4. If it's a new bass there will be a warranty, or should be.