Turn off the TV and do the two fingered tango

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  1. Does anyone play the Bass like JJ Burnel of the Stranglers these days? This was a guy who could teach these new age weenie punksters like Green Day a thing about ‘getting down with your bad self’ Story goes he even broke an E string live on stage back in 77’

    And flea? Nothing hot about his pepper – can anyone tell me why he has become a hero to so many bass players? Its beyond me!

    What inspires you folks – who or what makes you want to turn off the TV and do the two fingered tango?

    Got to admit its the likes of JJ Burnel (how did he tune his bass so low), Gong (its OK – almost no one has ever heard of them - but they were the undisputed kings of psychedelic space jazz rock), Led Zep (Any live version of dazed and confused does it for me) and of course the first few seconds of Deep Purples live classic Made in Japan will make me reach of the P.

    But that’s just me – and people think I’m a little odd.
  2. ?

    what do you mean by "tune so low"?

    most of the Stranglers' stuff was standard tuning (maybe E flat tuning on some), I think he only tuned lower on "outside tokyo".

    funnily enough I was just considering giving his solo album "euroman cometh" another listen.
  3. First... I've not turned on a tv in over 7 years. Life inspires me

    Second... I use to lack right hand control enough to snap an E string... during a gig no less

    Third... it's about the music, I ain't competing... I'm creating

    Fourth... welcome to Talk Bass :bassist:

    and finally...

    Fifth... this has what to do with 'basses'. I'm guessing this will automagically move to 'Misc'
  4. what do you mean by "tune so low"?

    Well if that E got any slacker it would be like plucking a washing line!

    Its a shame black and white never got its dues.

    How do you rate his solo stuff btw?
  5. welcome to Talk Bass

    Thanks feller - been watching for a while but I thought it was time to make a contribution.

    Second... I use to lack right hand control enough to snap an E string... during a gig no less

    Yea but jj used his teeth.
  6. :eek: I cringe everytime I see the shot of Watt with his teeth clamped on his bass over at his hootpage.
  7. watt94b.jpg

  8. Flea has become a hero because of the inspiration he gives to people, and being in a band as big as the peppers he's easily accessible to younger players, and he has an absolutely electrifying stage presence and a very cool image, I mean, doing backflips during solos, how can younger kids NOT love him?

    There’s no denying it, although he is most definitely NOT the best bass player in the world, he is still an above average player.

    And of course the fact that he has absolutely no knowledge of theory whatsoever gives inspiration to people who aren't as musically gifted as some of us.

  9. Look like light gauge to me - you could floss with them!
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    Damn, you must have ESP or sumptin'.
  11. Damn, you must have ESP or sumptin'.

    Ahh you big bully.
  12. I've only got Euroman Cometh, from 1979.
    you can spot JJ's Kraftwerk influences easily.
    it could have been a lot better with decent production- it's produced by 77-78 Stranglers producer Martin Rushent, who didn't like the material.

    if it had been produced like the Stranglers' 1980 "Gospel according to the men in black" album it could have been a pretty good experimental album.
    as it is it sounds like a demo tape done on a 4track.
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    why do you feel the need to insult another {popular) player to find out what inspires people? that's not very nice.

    oh, and by the way, welcome to talkbass :)
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    common misconception. not true.

    that's like saying that, because you don't know how to spell, you don't know any grammar. you use grammar every day as you communicate with those around you, you just might not know the offical names of the rules.

    same thing with music theory. every bass line that works can be described within the bounds of theory, including flea's. the decisions he's made to play specific notes instead of specific other ones are made by an intuitive grasp of theory, if not by an actual knowledge of it.

    the only way you can make a bassline with "absolutely no knowledge of music theory" is to generate it randomly.
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    uh....I was led to believe Flea knows a lot of theory and the sort...since he played the trumpet or trombone or something before he got into the bass, and was already quite the musician before ever moving to the fat stringed side of the force.

    someone who knows more should back me up on that, I'm just citing from memory of previous posts.
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    Killdar, you are correct. Flea was a trumpet player before playing bass and a very good one at that. As a matter of fact guess who plays trumpet on the song Pretty Little Ditty.
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    on taste the pain too, iirc. good stuff that one.
  18. Why blast Flea man?

    He's had some groovy memorable basslines and is extremely accessible AND inspiring to younger players.

    When you see him talk about other musicians his humility is staggering...here is a man who is definitely the king of popular rock bassing and he always puts others before him.

    Besides...he loves jazz! How cool!
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    Anything with a grooooooove. Most Martin L Gore...Stanley Clarke...Marcus...Remy Shand...Santana...Wooten...the list goes on. Groovy stuff. And sometimes slap-happy stuff, like some Vic Wooten or Flea.

    EDIT: They just inspire me to play, I can't actually play like any of them...oh, how I wish I could...