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Tuscany replica's and what makes for a good bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Sublab, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Hey there,

    As some of you already know, the Tuscany line of replica's had quite a buzz here on TB sometime ago, but altogether died out. In my relentless quest for an affordable bass that not only sounds big and good, but also has the right looks, I've been swinging back and forth between a Corvette $$, a Sandberg California, Sterling by Music Man, Spector Rebop and also anything high end'ish on secondhand sites... and yesterday I come across Frudua and Tuscany guitars... well, they look inspiring! The very few Youtube reviews however aren't promising IMO - the sound is metallic, thin and underpowered - but then again it's only Youtube quality. Below are the specs for the Bird bass and no one can deny they make up a decent instrument on paper, but no one has actually played one either... :eyebrow:

    BODY Solid mahogany + maple veneer
    NECK Canadian Hard Maple
    FINGERBOARD Indian Rosewood, 21 frets
    RADIUS 12"
    SCALE 34 inch
    NUT WIDTH (1.625 inch)
    FRET Medium Jumbo
    INLAY Pearl Block
    JOINT Bolt on
    TUNER Vintage style
    PICKUPS 1 x alnico humbucker + 1 x alnico single coil
    CONTROL 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone + 3 way switch
    BRIDGE Vintage massive bridge

    So I'm wondering what actually makes a bass guitar 'good'??? It's more than just taste - good quality hardware and construction is needed to begin with. So if the Tuscany Bird bass's body is made of Mahogany and the neck of Canadian Hard maple , how on earth can these good looking basses go for under 600 euro’s?? This bass will have to undergo some upgrading, with the first thing coming to mind a pickup replacement, new strings, new tuners, maybe a new bridge… – but still, I find it mindblowing that any quality bass can be retailed for under 600! To me however it looks as if these basses, while beautiful and seemingly well constructed, must have poor quality electronics and other not so obvious issues under the hood in order to sell them as cheap, and being built in China.

    So what about Mahogany and Canadian hard maple?
  2. 5string5fingers

    5string5fingers Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2008
    maple isn't an expensive wood. But the mahogany is probably just lower quality. Where things go missing with cheap basses,are set up,hardware,electronics,finish,neck pocket fit,etc. 600 euros is a chunk of money,to me at least. Around 820 dollars. Hardly what I consider an inexpensive bass,so I see no problem with being able to make a quality bass for that money. Ibanez makes mahogany body basses with maple necks of excellent quality for less (SR500,SR700)
  3. roamershaker


    May 30, 2007
    "mahogany+maple+ masive bridge +humbucker= metallic"
  4. roamershaker


    May 30, 2007
    "mahogany+maple+ masive bridge +humbucker= metallic" .;;.

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