Twanger boat… a document

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  1. 10:49 PM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    You’re not paying for it ****er. What do you care. It’s a boat. It float on water. And it takes you into the back country of the world you’ve never seen. **** an Ampeg. You’re not seeing the big picture here.

    Smoke pot, glide on water, explore the world around you. It’s a wrestling picture for ****s sake.

    On Jan 18, 2014, at 10:43 PM, fnord wrote:

    A boat with a P and an ampeg SVT? I'm in! Willing to meet you half way (it's killing me inside, though…)

    On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 10:34 PM
    Come on. Surely you can’t argue with the idea of a boat. This state is 2/3 water for Bob’s sake!

    On Jan 18, 2014, at 10:20 PM

    Oh, for SVT, sake!

    On Sat, J
    Besides, I have all the gear a non working musician needs, plus. How many guitars can one man play.

    Next up a bike, then a boat. A man needs a variety of toys. It’s the spice of life.

    Too late. Just bought a new car today. Cycle next. You only live once.


    Close your eyes and imagine all the P-Basses and Stingrays and Ampeg and Hartke cabs… For SVT Sake!
    Be reasonable and blow your money on gear only;)
    f n o r d !
    to bryan
    well, you know, I just try to guide my best friend in the right directions…
    it is a totally selfless enterprise;]
    a boat without bass=no pussy

    bryan Fusilier
    11:13 PM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    No pussy is the story of my life. I can’t imagine a bass making any difference.

    It’s a boat for ****s sake. You’ve got a better chance of getting laid with a boat (especially in this part of the world) than flunking around on a bass. A MUCH better chance. It’s pussy, it’s not that discerning. It just wants a good time.

    Charles Cox
    11:26 PM (1 hour ago)

    to bryan
    I just might have to post that on TalkBass. If I ever fork over the $20 to be a Supporting Member, I do believe that your insight on the less than sexy aspect of being a bassist will reside under whatever stupid picture I decide to represent the fnord.
    Another pretty boy guitarist with a boat has put us back liners in place…Touche!

    f n o r d !
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    I have no idea what's happening here.
  3. I tried, but failed to talk a twanger out of buying a boat for his mid life crisis. I merely requested bass gear in its stead. The time line goes backwards until the end, MOMENTO style (this though is a document of Americana, I couldn't make this up).