Twin Jazz TJ PU - Help!

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  1. burgerdj


    Dec 4, 2006
    I love everything about my Warwick Pro M 5 except the always active MEC TJ pickup. I would really like to be able to replace the pick up with an option that allows a passive bypass of the preamp. I know Delano makes a passive TJ replacement. Who else? I’ve seen some custom work out there, but I am hoping not to break the bank, considering I will also likely need to replace or modify my preamp (Audere classic 4). Any thoughts or advice are appreciated!
  2. Le Basseur

    Le Basseur

    Mar 26, 2002
    There are two possible replacements of the TJ shape that I know of (I'm talking about passive PUs,as opposed to the only active available wich is the MEC w/golden logo) :
    1.The Delano DJC 4HE/M2 or DJC 5 HE (quite possibly,the very same PU but differently advertised as for 4 or 5-string versions - just check out the dimensions wich are the same on both PUs)
    2.The older TJ-shape MEC PU with a silver logo.Almost unknown PU,it was installed on some early Fortress Masterman basses.It happens that I own one such Fortress,it came with the original MEC preamp(s) and MEC passive PJ PU.
    I don't know if this passive PJ MEC was ever installed on Streamer Pro M basses though these two models share the very same preamp/PU config. By the book,Warwick's "silver logo" MEC PUs were passive and,somehow,considered cheap/inferior to the "golden logo" actives.A weird marketing move?Maybe.
    To resume:the above-mentioned passives have nothing to do with the "always active" thing wich is a matter of the preamp's wiring specs.In other words,the original Pro M/Fortress Masterman preamp was wired in such a way that it wasn't possible at all to get the "passive" way (passive PUs or actives,whatever).This was because originally each PJ section was soldered directly on it's dedicated B+T preamp w. concentric pot and only after that they went to the vol/balance pot (the unique vol/double bal/passive w/pull switch).The latest had a braided wire soldered across the switches' bottom and this switch was left unwired.I'm trying to explain the best I can as to not be confusing but the entire story was really astounding (why Warwick installed such a complex pot if the functions were not used?).Obviously,with these two bass models,someone in the W's electronic department went too far (although the original preamp sporting two independent B+T was already an overkill).
    Back to your (already modified w/Audere preamp) bass....basically,it needs a different volume pot - try finding the same value/type BUT with a DPDT switch on bottom.Secondly,you must determine how the PJ PU's sections are wired - directly on the preamp or to the balance pot?
    Long story short,if you want to "jump the preamp",your wiring should permit this by modifying the existing Audere config.I'm sorry that I cannot be more specific about this but I don't have any Audere preamp on hand and I don't know what version is yours,specifically.Any photos would greatly help.