Twin sets of pickups

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  1. I hve just bought a set of Fender Vintage Pickups and will be coupling them with a Sad Onbaord Pre-amp....

    But i had a Crazy thought last nite....!!

    Is it possbile to install two sets of Jazz Pups effectivly making two MM style pickups and have a swtich to swtich between..

    Set 1
    Set 2
    Both Sets

    Giving an interesting and unique sound..

    This would give me bassically a Bongo type config with the twin MM's that you can swtich between the coils..

    Also.. can someone please tell me wot Double and single coil tapping means....

    If a manufacture has already done this could you point me in the right direction I seem to remember the Peavey T40 had this config....??...


    Cheers peeps..
  2. Lockout

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    Dec 24, 2002
    I think most MM-style pickups have coil taps (wires coming from both coils inside the pickup) that you connect with a switch to use those 3 wiring options... Seems like that'd be easier than using 4 J pickups.
  3. My thinkin is..

    To Use my Vintage Jazz to get a lovely warm sound and then buy maybe a set of Status Hyperactive Pups to get Hi-Fi..... all in one bass...

    I know it sound dumb maybe but ive never seen this before and for me it seems like a good idea to be able to switch betweeen pickup styles with just a flick of a switch..

    but maybe its a bit too far fetched....:)