SOLD Two (2) Sony HDR-AS15 action cams (like gopro) with screens, tons of access

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    Jan 24, 2005
    bought two of these to record drums on stage. Worked incredibly well. Used for two shows, have been sitting here since. Here's what you get:

    1. Two like new HDR-AS15 action cameras

    2. Two AKA-LU1 case/screen things. You slide the camera in to these, and you gain a full flip out screen, turning the little action cam into a camcorder. This was needed so I could quickly aim the cameras at the drummer. Note, these cams have wifi builtin, and you can also use your phone/ipad and the free app to aim and view the cameras too. I did this once and it worked great. Cool to sit back 50 feet away and see exactly what the cameras are doing remotely.

    3. Two waterproof housings for full underwater safety

    4. 4 batteries, 3 real sony, 1 not, plus wall charger, and usb charge puck, as these are usb charged

    5. 4 mounts, two curved for a helmet, the other 2 flat, both never used, still have sticky on the bottom sealed

    6. A rotating mount with metal tripod holes on the bottom

    7. one small case that allows right angle and flat tripd clips and mounts. Not sure beyond that, I never used them. I just mounted these to tripods.

    The specs are pretty great: SonyHDR-AS15 HD Action Camcorder with WiFi

    I paid around $600 for all of this. The cameras were $190 each, the flippy screen things were over $120 each, and the other parts of course.

    Will ship quickly and pack it well. Includes original boxes and instruction manuals for cameras as shown. Paypal fine.

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