Two Amps for sale!

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  1. here we go with another amp sale thread, see if I get any bites this time.

    First off is a CRATE BT-350. it needs a bit of work. might need a cap replaced, a scratchy pot here and there, but the sound is great. for more info search tb or burncitynights will probably chime in.

    it was made by SLM in the same factory as the 90s ampegs. tube pre, great tone, I just don't dig it. take it for $150+actual shipping

    Next on the list is a barely used Carvin BX600. you can read the story about how I acquired this amp here:

    Since I got it, I took it on a two week tour, performed like a champ. Selling because I just bought a BX1200 from CraigB so I can run my 610 setup at 4 ohms/channel, to put my mind at ease.


    I'll put pictures up later, it's too late at night right now!

    PM me with any questions, I'll answer them much faster than if you reply here.
  2. I am intrested in the BT-350.
    You say it may need a cap, does it have a hum or something?

    Springfield where?

    Ibam verry intrested.
  3. oops! yeah, thats a typo. Fixed.

    and dano, there is a bit of a scratchy sound, but it is definitely not the main characteristic of the tone, very much in the background.

    I'm eating cash on the amp because it's heavy and might need a few dollars put into it before I would consider it gig-worthy. I gigged it once, and it didn't explode though. I'm just overly cautious about these things.

    Also, as my location states, local is Springfield MA. However, for those of you in the new england area, my band does a lot of traveling on the weekends so We could arrange a meetup at a venue or something.
  4. bump for the late night crowd
  5. I think I will pass as I thought it was a Carvin but heres a bump.
  6. PM'd
  7. Carvin on hold
  8. back from the weekend bump.

    The Crate is now $150, you pay shipping. I have a box and materials for it.
  9. Bump. C'mon guys, this amp will suprise you! When I first plugged it up my jaw dropped by how good it sounded! I just can't keep it around, I'm going back to school next month and I need cash before another amp!

    New price... $150, you pay any shipping past $20. I have the materials so the only shipping cost will be the weight