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  1. hey i was wondering if it is possible to use two amplifiers into one speaker. I have a bag end 4x10 with two jacks and my Galien Krueger 800RB has a 300 watt amp for lows (4 ohms) and a 100 watt amp for highs (8 ohms)... the bag end cab can handle 800 watts at 8 ohms. Could these both feed into it or would it be dangerous or impossible to do. Also what ohms would i be running if i did try this (afraid to cause damage to the cab)
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    ...unless you need a reason to buy new gear.
  3. hehe ok i just realized that it was a bad idea when i just thought about the ohms but could it be done with say two other amps... if you could somehow equal out the ohms
  4. NO!

    The 2 amps would fight over the single load, and one or both would lose the fight. :D

    Seriously, they would not cooperate, and it would fry something. The amps' outputs need to see seperate loads.

  5. It might be fun to watch the results.......But if you want your gear to continue working you'd better not try it:D
  6. There's a big however...

    In a bridgable stereo amp you can combine two amplifiers to drive one speaker. There's special preamp circuitry in the amp to enable the bridging. It gets even better. With a special preamp you should be able to combine any pair of amps to drive one speaker. Even a tube amp and solid state.

    But, as JMX said, NEVER, EVER do this yourself unless you are an amplifier expert.