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  1. This was partly inspired by another thread.

    Ive always heard good things about both Sly and the Family Stone and Rare Earth. So could anyone tell me about them and suggest some albums or anything???? Thanks
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Both were quality bands from the late '60s/early '70s.
    Both challenged & crossed barriers of Pop music.

    Sly & The Family Stone excelled at mixing Rock-Funk-Soul; they even played the Newport Jazz Festival(IIRC). Personally, I would start with Stand!...contains the classics, "I Wanna Take You Higher", Everyday People", & "Sing A Simple Song".
    Dance To The Music & Life are also very, very good.
    Anthology, too if you all the hits.

    Rare Earth was a 'white' Motown act on "Rare Earth" records(subsidiary of Motown Records). They played in a Rock/R&B vibe; they even covered some Motown classic tunes such as "Get Ready" & "I Know I'm Losing You". To say they stretched these covers out in a LIVE situation would be an understatement.
    They also covered The Beatles("Elanor Rigby").

    I have Ecology & a double-LP LIVE set. IMO, they're a cool band; I really like "I Just Wanna Celebrate".
    I wouldn't have minded playing in a band like Rare Earth.

    Check for more detailed analysis.

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