Two beautiful souls in one week Leon and Roky too much to lose.

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  1. Tough week last week and they say these things come in threes, oh my. Leon Redbone singular character and songman and then Roky Erickson tortured soul.

    Oh Leon Redbone. I recall seeing him at a Coffee House at college with Freebo, both such interesting characters. That night only about 30 people in the audience but everyone was mesmerized and drawn into such an intimacy of song and story of parlors and speakeasies. Stories of lovers, gamblers, hookers, broken hearts, losers, dark places where nice people don't go. A time forgotten memory so sweet and dank that it was an unpleasant shock indeed when the spell was broken and reality crashed back over us. Thank you for sharing those memories and songs so dear, until we meet again you strange and wonderful man, rest well, peace.

    Roky Erickson A poet, prophet, magician or madman? Love, art, beauty, discovery, terror, mystique, courage and fear. Roky was all that every moment, he traveled into the darkest place, touched the dark center and some of it clung tenaciously. Perhaps God will pity him now or bless him so he can handle it.

    I spent three beautiful and bizarre days house painting with Roky and Jimmy Carl Black. Painting well no, we listened to music, told jokes stories, watched movies, ate tacos and pizza. Fare the well my painting buddy, we didn't get much done but it sure was fun. Say hi to Jimmy Carl and maybe we will get that jam on sooner yer later.
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  2. Dr. John gone too.

    Crappy week.