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Two Fender paint questions

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by swassguy, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Okay, technically three...

    1a. Is there a difference between the new Midnight Wine color available for MIM basses (I'm not sure about other models) and the color that was around for a short time in the 70s (I've heard it was for export only but I played guitar with a guy who had a '78 J Bass in it)?

    1b. Does anyone have any examples of these colors or links to pictures of them?

    2. I hear the color called Mocha or Root Beer Brown - what's the actual name for this color and does anyone still make it?

    I'm really thinking that the next bass I get (probably a P Bass) will be black or one of these colors. The trouble is going to be finding them whole or in parts or getting the color to paint it right.

  2. Nobody knows?

    Maybe I'll make it into a poll...

    Which do you prefer?

    This will be a P Bass with maple fretboard, black pickguard, chrome hardware, just like the 70s models.

    Midnight Wine?

    Root Beer?

  3. I have some pics for you...

    Root Beer and Midnight Wine arent the same colours...i used to have a Strat Midnight wine and if i can find a pic of it i will post it...but i did find a pic of a Midnight Wine Tele.
  4. And here is the Root Beer.
  5. Id perfer Midnight Wine by the way...but i have always been partial to Red basses :D
  6. Totally - I know they aren't the same color - Midnight Wine is a burgundy sor tof color that I think used to be solid and is now a metallic color, and RootBeer is brown - thanks for the pictures.
  7. I really like that root beer, BTW.

    I should have phrased my question better, it DOES sound like I was saying midnight wine was called root beer or mocha. Not the case.

    I've seen these new midnight wine pictures and they seem a lot lighter than I remember the old color, as well as the new ones being metallic...
  8. Midnight Wine is actually a very tricky finnish to photo i found...it almost always ends up looking too dark...ill take a few mins and try to find a pic of my old strat.
  9. Here is root beer and midnight wine from 70s p basses - talk about sweet.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Wow, that brown one id giving me P GAS.

    (and trust me GAS is the last thing I need now)
  11. Found my old Wine strat.
  12. Ill post a couple more 'Mocha/Rootbeer' pics too.
  13. #2
  14. The wine color does seem to be fairly hard to get an accurate picture of.

    I had always thought of it as being darker and flatter than your examples, but that might have just been because it was a well worn bass.

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