TWO gigspams ... Ohio and Michigan

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  1. PBM is playing two shows this week; come check us out if you can make it! Since you've probably never heard us, have a listen at (click "Music" from the main page); there are longish samples (most over 1 minute) of every song on the album!

    [information about Wednesday's show deleted because it's over :)]

    Friday, July 18

    9411 E. M-36
    Whitmore Lake, MI
    (734) 449-0040
    8pm. 21+ welcome. I believe the show is FREE because we have stacks of tickets that we're just giving away, but I'm not 100% sure it's free if you show up without a ticket (for some reason, Ticketmaster is selling tix to this show for $10 :confused: ) If you're interested in coming to the show, drop me a PM/AIM and I can try to get you more updated info when I know it and maybe get you some tix in advance.

    So there you have it, check us out! :)
  2. BUMP with new info...namely, that I have stacks of free tix to give away for tomorrow's show!