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Two Handed Bass Tapping Vid - Original Song

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Lokire, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone, I've basically finished writing my original bass song called "Flight Of Neptune", which uses two handed tapping - and after quite a bit of practice I've got it down well enough to record I think. It's about 5 minutes altogether of two handed bass tapping. I'll probably record it over our week long Mid-winter break from school in another week here. And by then I should have my bass back with some awesome......upgrades

    Pretty soon here I'll have use of a real digital camera as well and will record of full "live" vid of me playing the song. But untill then, here's a video clip of a condensed section of the song to quench your thirst. Enjoy

    And BTW: The sound on this one is a bit low so you might have to crank it. Sorry, I forgot that I have to record at a higher level when I'm doing vids


    Let me know what you think so far.
    Cheers :bassist:
  2. Sweeeett :bassist: How long have you been workin on it ?
  3. Joe P

    Joe P

    Jul 15, 2004
    Milwaukee, WI

    Oo - that makes me want to go right home after work, and practice my two-handed tapping.

    Yup - in just a couple hours I'll be pounding out and singing the Folsum Prison Blues; perfecting it for my own video to post!

    "If they freed me from this prison
    If that railroad train was mine..."

    Oh yeah.

  4. Thanks guys. I've been working on the full song for a few months now. Took me a few weeks to write it, and I've been practicing a lot to get it down pretty well.
  5. Mojo-Man

    Mojo-Man Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2003
    Very Cool!
  6. Adam Barkley

    Adam Barkley Mayday!

    Aug 26, 2003
    Jackson, MS
    I think it is begging for either:

    1. Effects, maybe a slow phase with an delay
    2. A slower tempo, parts are cool but are a little wanky to my ears

    Or both.

    Good work though,
  7. Well, this was just a little peice of the full thing. I actually do plan to use a phaser for some parts. And there are a bunch of much slower, melodic sections to the song. I like how the fast part sounds though ;)

  8. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    That's awesome, you definitely have some serious tapping chops! Good stuff.
  9. Adam Barkley

    Adam Barkley Mayday!

    Aug 26, 2003
    Jackson, MS
    Cool, I could dig it more if it was the release of a slow build-up. :bassist:
  10. Yeah, the song does start off pretty slow and then it builds up some speed :cool:
  11. rgallant


    Feb 14, 2005
    Calgary, Alberta
    It was very good! Can't wait to hear the full version. :)
  12. Suckbird

    Suckbird Banned

    May 4, 2004
    How long have you benn tapping?
    Everytime i even try i just get fret buzz, but i do have high action.. :(
  13. MarztekMilita


    Feb 10, 2005
    how do people get sooo damn good at tapping. it looks and really sounds simply incredible whenever i hear it.
    ive only been able to mess around with "jerry is a racecar driver" but never anything like that. man that was AWSOME through and throughive been playing for alittle over a year and that is my goal for this one.
    you really made me want to learn how to tap
  14. Thanks guys. I've only been tapping since around last September. It's just one of those things that came really easily to me. Having an amazing custom bass helps a lot too :hyper:

    It's a Ken Lawrence Unity 5-string. And I just recently got Custom Benavente Pickups and onboard pre installed in it. Looks, sounds, and plays absolutely amazing.