two humbuckers, - two coil split push pull pots, one tone?

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  1. got myself a nice parts bass, with two humbuckers in, and i need to re-do the electrics in them,

    its currently set up as 2 volumes and a tone pot.

    i was wondering if it was possible to re-wire it so that the two volume pots were push-pull pots which acted as a coil split for each of the humbuckers?

    just to clarify, so the three pots on the bass would be:

    1.volume/split coil (neck)
    2.volume/split coil (bridge)
    3.tone pot

    i cant seem to find a wiring diagram to do that, - thought it would be a neat way to get some more tone options without having to add any more switches to the bass
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    It's certainly doable! I've got the same setup on my bass. (I'm using two of the EQ knobs from the preamp, but it's the exact same idea.)

    Get a pair of DPDT push/pull volume pots and rewire the circuit with those volume pots same as it is now.

    Then, wire up the coil split according to an appropriate coil spilt diagram. Can you tell/show how the pickup wires are currently set up? If they are splittable humbuckers there should be 4 wires each (or 5 if there's a separate ground wire for the pickup) What manufacturer for the pickups/bass?
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  4. ah thanks both! thats great to hear its doable.

    4stringtheorist - ive not actually looked inside at the electrics yet - the body is an old hohner bass from the 80s, its got some of its own brand humbuckers in, which sound amazing to my ears, i was going to leave it as it was, but the input jack is a failing and the pots are scratchy, so may as well put some fresh in i think. if they end up being 2 wire pickups i might leave it as a it is

    killed by death - ah thanks for that - i didnt know if that diagragm would work without the switch set up, - would this be the way to set it up without the switch?

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    Sounds like wiring up a fresh circuit will do the instrument some good! Best to check if the pickups are splittable before you go to the expense of getting the push/pull volume pots.

    That Seymour Duncan diagram there looks perfect. The only difference may be the coloring on the 4 humbucker wires may not match SD's red-white-green-black convention.