Two NCD's, last week and last night

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    May 26, 2018
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    So, there's a local set of online auctions that go on every night. Last week one of them had two Ampeg BA 115 V2's up for auction. One of them was listed as new, one had a truncated description. The way it works is, if it says new, and there's something wrong with it, you can get your money back. If it does not say new, you're stuck with paying for it and taking whatever you got. Wound up bidding up to $100 on the new one, and it went for $120. Took a chance on the second one, bid up to $90 on it, and got it for $85. Spent the next day worrying that there was a hole through the driver or one side was caved in, but when I got there to pick it up it was in a unopened brand new undamaged box. So I got a brand new Ampeg BA 115 V2 for $102 with the buyers premium and tax, out the door, and I've got a practice amp at home now.

    At our usual Friday night get together jam, the keyboard player had mentioned two weeks ago that he had a friend who had a Mesa diesel 410 for sale for $400. I said I was interested, but the guy lived in Baltimore Maryland, and I wasn't interested in paying for shipping for that heavy weight cabinet. He texted me earlier this week, and said his friend was going to come into C-Bus this weekend with the cabinet. They brought it down to our jam last night, and I played through it with his TC amp, and then using it as an extension off of my Ampeg BA 210, in place of my Rumble 115 that is the extension cab that I've been using. The 410 cab sounds glorious, much cleaner and punchier than with the 115. So since he drove it all the way to Columbus from Baltimore Maryland , I'm more than happily paid $400 for it. Looking around online, it seemed like that was a reasonable price, especially considering he drove it all the way here.

    It's been a good week and a half, and now I'm gassing for a WD 800 to pair with the Diesel

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