Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Captor X

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    I'm attempting to streamline my recording and just use two channels for bass instead of the process of re-amping with a dry line ect to get a real amp sound.

    Well I just tried the "Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Captor X" that my guitarists uses for old JCMs and man I loved it.

    Granted I did not need the model specifically because I did not need the load box that He uses it for.

    I just plugged a GK MB200 into as an experiment with the 410 sim He picked up...Man its crazy. its like %95 of my onstage sound...I was shocked.

    I'm %100 going to pick one of these up.
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  2. Late a bit to the party but I just bought one to use with my (numerous) tube amps: YBA-1, V4, YGL-3 and YBA-3. Co-owner of the building (two condos) girlfriend’s is pregnant and the baby will come in a week or two. Good neighborhood behavior is to not annoy them with my rig in the basement.

    Bass frequencies travels really well through the structure and I was looking for a way to get my tube sound through headphones. Goal achieved! This thing is awesome.

    However, I have to be precautious on the volume as the Captor X is 100w max and some of these amps could go over this if pushed too hard. A bit of good sense to be sure I run the amps as I would with my real cabs. I usually play at a really moderate volume so it should be fine. Anyway, the Captor X has some kind of protection circuit in case of overloading.
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    +1k. Be precautious.
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