SOLD Two Notes Le Bass Preamp FINAL DROP

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    Two Notes Le Bass Two-Channel Preamp. $190 shipped contiguous US only. PayPal only.

    Manufacturers info: Two notes Audio Engineering - Le Bass Preamp Pedal

    Gently-used. Works perfectly. Sounds amazing. Check out the Two Notes Le Bass owners club. Been on my board and a big part of my sound but time for something different. A few little edge nits shown in photos. When I bought this pedal the finish on the top has some roughness to it. It’s superficial and cosmetic only. I never cared, so I never exchanged it. Velcro has been carefully removed and residue cleaned up. Comes with power supply and all original packaging.

    Thanks for looking. PMs replied to promptly.

    CDEE69EC-272B-4CB0-AFE2-A820F0ACB452.jpeg A5CB2653-E2CC-4D00-BD43-DE27EF075DF1.jpeg 927032CF-72E3-474C-BBE8-A184290D9289.jpeg 744892E2-E003-4926-9089-8277563CE99F.jpeg B9FB40EC-EC49-406A-A626-88F74ABB1E6E.jpeg 5A887DCE-4DCD-4735-B079-6293C7E85190.jpeg C2A0E463-4AE1-46A6-87A3-5A8F405793D2.jpeg EB10F290-F0D7-4E5F-BC04-2AF022BB8E7C.jpeg 5EC300FD-2EB3-425A-A3A6-B15834DDF2D1.jpeg 2BF227A5-6BD9-4F02-A1C7-7420C311FB34.jpeg
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