Two Octave Scales

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  1. I was looking at Simendl, Ray Brown´s Method and Bob Haggart... and I did not find any explanation or fingerings for Two Octaves Scales... Any online resource ???? Or book...

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  2. I have a book by John Hood called _Three Octave Tune-up_ or _Two Octave Tune-up_, or something like that. Doug Mapp gave it to me when I was studying with him. I think he might sell them frmo his website. It's a great book.
  3. For two octave scales look in Simandl book 2. Book one ends right before the thumb position. Rufus Reid's "The Evolving Bassist" goes into two octave territory too. Plus I'm sure your teacher would be of great help in this area I started playing 2 octave scales with my teacher, then started working in Simandl book 2 myself.

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