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SOLD Two P bass necks

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Laurent, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Laurent


    May 21, 2008
    Napa, California
    Two P bass necks for sale:

    1. Allparts licensed by Fender fretless P bass neck <<<<<<<<<SOLD>>>>>>>
    2.6 lbs
    Fretless lined neck made of an ebony fretboard and a maple neck
    Neck with is 1 5/8+ inch with a 10 radius. Single action truss rod.
    The neck has an Allparts brand new nut. The previous owner had filed the nut down to the point of making it unusable. Note I left the whole height of the nut so slots will have to be filed down to accommodate your strings and playing style.
    The neck sports a factory vintage tint that feels smooth and fast. Neck shape is somewhere between a US P bass neck and a Mexican one; it feels slightly larger than a Mexican P bass neck and perhaps a tad less beefy than a US one. That neck is really, comfortable to play and feels great in the hand. The headstock has a Fender Jazz sticker despite clearly having a P bass width and profile.

    Condition: the fretboard and back of the neck are in like new condition. The headstock has a couple of minor marks on the head stock, too small to document on pictures. Truss rod works as intended. The tuners work well. The neck shows some file marks on the headstock side of the nut in the ebony, these are minor but visible. These marks were done when filing down the previous nut. Amazing workmanship on this neck and plenty of mwah thanks to the ebony. It's also really light for an ebony fretboard neck.

    $180 shipped CON USA

    2. A Cimar Electric bass vintage neck (1979-1980)
    Background: Cimar was one the Ibanez brands in the late 70's early 80's. Made in Japan.
    2.6lbs Maple neck with a maple fretboard construction with a nice aged tint and some nice patina on the tuners.
    Fretted neck, 12 radius about 1 5/8 in width.
    The neck profile is a bit rounder than a Fender neck with a tad more meat at the back. It's not huge by any means however and feels great in the hand.
    Condition: the frets have some fret wear but they are very playable. The heel of the neck was sanded down and retrofitted to a Fender thickness. Originally the heel was a lot thicker and not compatible with a Fender. The original holes were plugged and new ones were drilled to a Fender position. A thin coat of shellac was added to protect the bare wood. Note as sanding was done by hand it might not be 100% leveled; it is smooth and leveled to the eye that being said. That being said, it fits in a Fender pocket tightly.
    Tuners are not super tight but they hold strings in tune. Truss rod works and moves freely. Neck is straight.
    The back of the neck is smooth and free of mark or impact.
    This neck has a big tone and plays well. You get vintage and a unique look on a budget.
    You might have to adjust the height of the neck by using a shim, as it's is on the smaller side of a Fender thickness. Adjustment might be less than 1/16th of an inch.
    $45 shipped CON USA

    IMG_9715.JPG IMG_9716.JPG IMG_9717.JPG IMG_9718.JPG IMG_9719.JPG IMG_9720.JPG IMG_9721.JPG IMG_9722.JPG IMG_9723.JPG
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  2. Laurent


    May 21, 2008
    Napa, California
    Allparts fretless neck is sold.

    The Cimar neck is still available.
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