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Two recent gig stories.

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by dancehallclasher, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Very short ones, nothing crazy, just a look into mi vida.

    1. A few weeks ago, my drummer's cover band needed me to fill in on bass. We didn't practice together at all, so it was the first time I'd played these songs with a band, first time I'd played with this band at all, and it was my first fretless gig because we were doing some songs that I thought would sound good like that. Oh, and I had had a few drinks at that point. Surprisingly, it went really well. Nobody actually realized I was playing a fretless. So I guess that's good?

    2. Last night with my regular band, we played in DC and we were ON. Huge applause, we had people dancing by the end, and they demanded an encore! That's never happened to me before, I'm still giddy from it.
  2. Kosta


    Mar 22, 2005
    Always great when it goes well unprepared, although it rarely does. My first gig was when id been playing for like 3 weeks or so and i was just really flashy and played as fast as i could and completely just didn't play tastefully. Had a bass solo too, easy but good looking to the untrained.

    Everyone thought i was amazing, this was not the case. :ninja:

    Anywho, just thought id chime in, and congrats on the good fortune. :hyper:
  3. Good work. The only time our band has had an encore is when I got my buddy to come jam on his trombone for a song, he was finised, everyone started screaming for more trombone, so we obliged them with more trombone(although we played a work in progress and not just random jamming like I suggested...stupid vetoing of my ideas).
  4. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Excellent, dude. BTW, I do lots of gigs where we go in unprepared, and the vast majority of them go very well. I (and many of my colleagues) have done gigs where we introduce ourselves at the bandstand and start playing with maybe 5 minutes preparation. If you have a good strong bandleader and musicians who know a lot of tunes and pay attention to what's going on around them, it's actually pretty easy. Tonight I'm doing a gig where we will have that exact situation. And I predict nothing less than total success.
  5. everyone started screaming for more trombone

    Now there's something you just don't read every day.

  6. We were just as surprised.
  7. Both gigs sound great!

    I always get amazed when I hear it's not that usual to get encores.
    All the band's I've played with always get encores...
    Don't misunderstand me - we're not that good (especially not the first one's I played in) - the audience in Sweden must be very appreciative of live music.

    Out of the maybe 25 gig's my current band has played I think we got to play encores on all except one, and they shouldn't have booked a band - everyone was gone already after the first set, so we cut it there (with full fee :) ) (BTW we're not that bad either... ;) ).

    Making a gig list here in Sweden You ALWAYS make it "one set extra" so You save the best songs for the encore, because You KNOW you'll get to play them.

    Is this only true for Sweden, or is it the same in the whole of Scandinavia/Europe/etc...?
    Are there differences in different parts of the US?

    Or is it that my gig experience is only with cover bands where we play anything the audience seem to like, and audiences everywhere are the same under those circumstances..?

  8. maybe... the show I was talking about is with an originals band. It's hard to get encores if you're below the level of headlining medium to large venues, and my band certainly isn't there yet.
  9. That's nice to get it sometimes huh?
    Cool you get those cool things, enjoy.....
  10. I've found that if we're playing good "dancey," upbeat stuff, people always want an encore. But that's not always the case if we end our show with someting heavy, but good like "Dogman" by King's X. If people are up already and moving, even if you're not that good that night, they want the party to keep going.

    hmmm the sociology of a crowd??? :meh:
  11. lodi


    May 8, 2004
    Minden / Germany
    Here in Minden/Germany/Europe it is regular, that a band gets encore. Often you have to play two more songs, so that you plan your setlist with that.
    Well known bands and artists play a concert for about one and a half to two hours (jazz and rock). After this they are forced by the crowd to give them another two or even more songs.
    A good concert is (besides the music itself) when the band plays long and gives three or more encore..
    Even we (a school band) have to give encores! Often encores are some kind of politcal correctness :)
  12. :( Oh god not soci. Its possible that they are requesting the encores because the band is a cover band and they dig the music. Or there is a really strong music scene and its just polite to request an encore from bands. I have no idea, I've been doing soci all day long so my brain is fried at the moment.
  13. rhett


    Dec 23, 2004
    Austin TX
    that does it, i'm moving to Sweden to get away from the ingrates around here. i've only seen it a few times for myself or others at private parties, or a major act that was planning to do one anyway and it was explicitly expected because they hadn't played their most popular stuff.
    OTOH, shame on SOAD for not doing an encore despite the encouragement. just makes you seem a little ungrateful.

    same thing for Norway? i heard today it's considered The Place to live for many reasons (and from what i understand, most of those reasons should apply to Sweden as well)
  14. Nah, they've got all the oil... Makes some big pros and cons having oil...

    But maybe musically - there's got to be a norweigan member in here somewhere that can answer that..?

  15. rhett


    Dec 23, 2004
    Austin TX
    yeah, i heard the oil helps to fund many positive things -
    i didn't catch any of the cons? (should we be moving this discussion now? it's quite fascinating to me...not really ever having experienced snow for more than a few days, or missed it for that matter)
  16. I have no idea how to move the discussion so I'll provide a short answer instead, and then stop my little thread hi-jack.

    Rich country = higher wages = ridiculous high prices and taxes.
    Someone always giveth and taketh away...

    Snow is nice, but even more so a varied climate, since we have cold winters and warm summers I think we appreciate the seasons more...
    Either that or I'm just trying to justify the upcoming long cold winter to myself... :help: