"Two Spirit" -The Native American perspective of LGBTQ people.

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    Mar 15, 2009
    "Two Spirit" - what can we learn today from the historical Native American idea that celebrated, embraced, and venerated sexual and gender variance?

    "Two Spirit" is the Native American reference to individuals among their peoples who were gay, lesbian, or gender variant, and contrasted to many western ideas that unfairly vilify such people, instead they were celebrated, valued, and revered for their capacity to have "two spirits".

    "Two Spirits" were found almost universally in tribes across North America, and were often healers, medicine men, fortune tellers, diviners, nurses, among many other roles, and held special rank during festivals and celebrations.

    Dancing to Eagle Spirit Society - TWO SPIRITED PEOPLE

    Two-spirit - Psychology Wiki

    Two-Spirit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia




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    Cool stuff. I think that the native Americans generally had a unique insight into some issues that we struggle with even today.

    What's interesting is that some Asian/South pacific cultures have a similarly neat view of the issue. Where LGBT, and so on doesn't necessarily mean anything negative at all but rather it's viewed as a sort of 3rd gender.
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    I forget what movie it was, but it had a gay Native American character and he was treated no different than any other tribe member. The story line was something like this fellow was not treated badly, if anything the Native American ideal gave him and those like him much respect. I remember thinking how these so-called (at the time) "Savages" had a much more civilized view of homosexuality than the so-called more advanced White race.
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    Little Big Man starring Dustin Hoffman.
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    little big man... indeed
  8. The gender binary construct, while convenient, really does leave a significant group of people not only left out but put in a really sucky place. Here's hoping that changes.

    I'm confident it will.
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    experimental bassist

    Mar 15, 2009
    I did not know that about Asian/South Pacific cultures. Thank you for sharing that.
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    experimental bassist

    Mar 15, 2009
    Good point, that movie did have a "Two Spirit" character called "Little Horse" if I remember correctly.

    Incidentally, the "Contrarian" part in that movie was not just a gag (where he rode his horse backwards, talked backwards and said the opposite of what he meant), but was also based on a Native American concept, the Heyoka.

    Heyoka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thanks for bringing that movie up, haven't seen it in years. :)
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    Agreed on all points. :hyper:

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