Tye Zamora ... from AAF.... what type of bass does he use?!?1

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  1. does he use a kenneth lawrence?!?! IMO its an ugly guitar.. but my friend is working on a fan page and needs to know.. thats for any help!:)
  2. tis indeed a kenneth lawrence......he helped esign it to i believe, well, his one anyway
  3. Thanx for the help!!!??! u wouldnt happen to know the style of it ?!?
  4. the model of the bass is "Bráse" i believe
    a Kenneth Lawrence Bráse

    hope this helps

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    Jun 15, 2001
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    Aug 16, 2000
    No, actually the six he's pictured with in Bass Player is a custom job he had made by a luthier in Escondido, CA. The text of the article gives all the details. Dave Parr is the luthier's name, I believe. Him and Tye put the thing together. They both seem pretty pleased with it. I've talked to Parr on the phone and he seems like a sincere cat.